We provide assistance in obtaining permits of any direction and complexity


Оказываем помощь в получении разрешительных документов любой направленности и сложности


  • Fixing the cost
    before the start of cooperation
  • A wide range of options
  • Registration of permits
    documents in registers
  • Experience with goods
    any category
  • Processing time
    from 1 business day
  • Advisory support
    at all stages of work
A permit document is a mandatory document that is required for the import and sale of products in Russia and the EAEU countries.
It confirms that the product complies with the safety requirements established in national and supranational legislation (EAEU). Our experts will accurately determine which document is required for the import and sale of goods, as well as select the most optimal design option in terms of cost, deadline and package of documents.
Application in working with goods
Declaration of conformity
requirements of regulations
Application in working with goods
Light industry goods, clothing, food products, cosmetics, packaging, equipment, household appliances, household electrical appliances, furniture, dishes, cutlery, household goods, encryption, cryptographic means
FSB notification
Application in working with goods
Encryption and cryptographic tools
on state registration
Application in working with goods
Household chemicals, light industry goods,
clothes, cosmetics
Certificate of conformity
requirements of regulations
Application in working with goods
Equipment, light industry goods, clothes, toys
for children under 14 years old, encryption and cryptographic means
Rejection letter
Application in working with goods
Souvenirs, pet supplies, etc.
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Preparatory stage

Studying the application and determining the necessary permits. Calculation of the cost and term of registration.

Payment for certification services

The cost of the service is fixed at the preparatory stage.

Registration and issuance of a package

In the official open registers of state bodies (Federal Accreditation Service, Eurasian Economic Commission, etc.), ready-made permits are available for viewing.

We send a complete package of documents in the form of scans, then in the originals.

Collecting a package of documents

Coordination and confirmation of the layout, preparation of documents necessary for registration.

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