«Contract holder»

Turnkey delivery

  • We help to quickly and effortlessly receive the goods without going into the study of customs formalities.
  • Already included in the price all commissions for bank transfers, fees for swift, check-in and other technical processes
We will take on the entire range of tasks related to the import of goods into the Russian Federation. You receive a fully customs-cleared, certified product in your warehouse with a full package of documents.


  • Payment for goods from our
    non-resident company
  • Delivery from Europe
    10-14 days
  • Leveling of currency and customs risks
  • Optimization of logistics costs. Route without visiting third countries
  • Providing declarations
    for your goods
  • Issuance of a set of documents for delivery including VAT
  • Saving. You do not need a staff of specialists in foreign economic activity and customs clearance
  • Opening and closing of EX1 in Europe
  • Full support of all processes 24/7


Preparatory stage

Collection and analysis of information to calculate the cost of logistics and customs clearance services. Formation of a commercial offer.

Payment of the first part
under the supply agreement for the importer

Payment by invoice to the supplier (factory).

Payment for goods abroad is carried out in any convertible currency, depending on the terms of delivery, payment can be made after the shipment of the goods.

Conclusion of a contract

We conclude an external economic contract with a supplier (factory) and at the same time conclude an internal Russian supply agreement with you.

Preparation and receipt of
import documentation

Certification, permissions of regulatory authorities.

Payment of the second part under the supply contract for the Russian importing company

Final customs payments are calculated. You will also be billed for transport services.

Payment to our importer company, then the funds are paid to government agencies.

Collection of goods from the supplier's factory

Opening EX1, T1, carnet TIR. Delivery to temporary storage warehouse in the Russian Federation. Route without visiting third countries.

Customs clearance, release of goods and delivery

We deliver the goods to the recipient. We issue a set of documents for delivery including VAT.


of the amount
But not less than 1000 USD/EUR
Included in the price
  • Company service
  • Commissions for bank transfers
  • 100 USD/EUR per swift
  • Check-in, mandatory service and storage at temporary storage warehouse
  • Preparation and submission of the declaration
of the amount
But not less than 1000 USD/EUR
  • Invoice cost
  • Customs payments and fees
  • Additional costs
    for customs clearance
    not included in the commission
  • Certification
  • Phytosanitary, veterinary
    and other types of control
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