Customs clearance

  • We work on the basis of an authorized economic operator and help resolve any legal issues
  • We take on all the tasks of interaction with customs and other authorized bodies
  • We freely deliver products to the point of destination, providing comprehensive services for customs clearance of goods
We work with a wide range of products. We will draw up the necessary documents and select the right strategy for customs operations for the timely release of any cargo


  • Labeling of goods
    and work in the
    system "Honest sign"
  • Assistance in optimizing
    costs at each stage of foreign economic activity
  • Implementation of
    on behalf of the client at temporary storage warehouses
  • Registration
    phytosanitary cargoes
  • We use an individual approach to cargo clearance
  • Payment for goods from our
    non-resident company
We work with goods

The whole list cannot be covered, but we will always find the right solution for importing the necessary goods.

  • Industrial goods
  • Potted plants, cut flowers
  • Food
  • Fruits, nuts, vegetables
  • Spare parts for equipment
  • Consumer goods
    (clothing, footwear, furniture, etc.)
  • Auto parts
All organizations involved in foreign economic activity go through the customs clearance procedure
Our company will help to import and export goods, ensuring that all customs processes comply with modern legal acts. We carry out informing about the status of the cargo 24/7 throughout all stages of cooperation for the sake of your comfort.


Provision of services
customs clearance
5 000

The exact cost of the service is calculated
individually for each client in accordance with the volume of tasks performed.


Preparatory stage

You send a request with information and documents for the cargo.

We are working on the request, agree on the terms and cost.

Collecting a package of documents

Preparation for customs clearance and analysis of documents for filing a customs declaration

Conclusion of an agreement for the service of customs clearance

We conclude an agreement for the customs clearance service, where we indicate the conditions previously agreed with you.

Payment of customs duties
and submission of a declaration

You replenish the accounts in the personal account of the FCS for the amount of customs payments. We submit a customs declaration.

Payment for the services of a customs broker

After the release of the declaration, an invoice is issued for the subsequent payment for the services of a customs broker.

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