We carry out cargo transportation from any country in the world

International cargo delivery

Мы осуществляем грузоперевозки из любой страны мира

  • Collection of cargo from the sender, registration and closing of EX1, T1 in Europe (both in the country of the sender and at our consolidation warehouse in Lithuania)
  • Delivery to the destination in the Russian Federation, declaration to the customs authorities and carrying out all necessary customs procedures, delivery of cargo to the warehouse of the final recipient in the territory of the Russian Federation
We help to carry out the transportation of cargo in accordance with all the requirements of modern international legislation.


  • Guaranteed
    safety of cargo
  • Multimodal delivery of goods of any complexity from
    any point in the world
  • Regular departure of prefabricated
    cars from warehouses in Lithuania
  • Timely notification of the customer about the status of the cargo
  • Photo fixation of the state of the cargo during transportation
  • Optimization of logistics costs


Preparatory stage

Providing all information about the cargo when making an application.

Carrying out transportation

We contact the sender of the cargo and plan the delivery of transport.

If necessary, we draw up all the documents necessary for transportation in accordance with the terms of delivery. And we carry out transportation to the unloading point

Conclusion of an agreement for transport services

We prescribe all the conditions in the contract and order for transportation.

Delivery payment

We collect all costs incurred during transportation into one invoice.

You pay the invoice before unloading at the final destination and pick up the goods.

We work with goods

The entire list cannot be covered, but we will always find the right solution for importing the necessary goods.

  • Industrial goods
  • Potted plants, cut flowers
  • Food
  • Fruits, nuts, vegetables
  • Spare parts for equipment
  • Consumer goods
    (clothing, footwear, furniture, etc.)
  • Auto parts
We deliver cargo
from any country in the world
We will select an individual solution for your task of transporting goods, offer transportation options and help with registration.

Transportation types

  • Trucking
  • Sea transportation
  • Air transportation
  • Railway transportation
  • Multimodal
  • Do you have any questions?

    Specify your contacts and we will contact you to discuss the specifics of the logistics task

We solve problems of importing goods to Russia of any level of complexity, regardless of restrictions
Modern realities put in an uncomfortable position or incapacitate most of the companies of competitors. Our team has developed and tested a huge number of cases suitable for solving any difficulties with transportation and processing of export documentation, while maintaining the speed, safety and quality of transportation.
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